Frameless Folding Doors

Our unique Claroflex Frameless Folding door system lets you enjoy your patio all year round, without losing the view. These doors save space while allowing you access to your living space comfortably, offering you an innovative solution for all your folding door requirements.

Claroflex frameless folding doors from Frameless Showers is the only system locally available that is not suspended from the beam above the opening , making them an excellent option when you give your patio a makeover. The frameless design adds to its curb appeal, giving it a classy appearance. This means you can enjoy your patio all year round without losing the view with our unique frameless folding door system by Claroflex.

At Frameless Showers we pride ourselves on our frameless folding door range. The versatility and quality of our folding doors are guaranteed to exceed your wildest expectations. The following characteristics are the very aspects that set our frameless folding doors apart from any other folding doors on the market:

  • Reliable– Our frameless folding doors are reliable and slide smoothly without the need for complex bearings, rollers or wheels which drastically reduces the need for maintenance.
  • Secure– The weight of the folding doors are carried by the bottom track. This allows us to install in almost any type of ceiling without reinforcements.
  • Versatile– Regardless of the height to the door panel required, the components remain the same. Glass panels can be stacked to either side or to both sides depending on the client’s specifications.
  • Water resistant– This is one of the most water resistant systems on the market and therefore allows for higher energy efficiency, potentially saving you over 10% on your energy bill.
  • Safe– Due to the fact that the weight is carried on the bottom of the track, you have the choice of 8mm or 10mm toughened safety glass with a top and bottom locking mechanism or single centre lock.
  • Aesthetic– Aluminum finishes are available in RAL colours or anodized colours to suit your décor needs.

For more technical information on our Claroflex frameless systems simply download the brochures below by clicking on the icons. 

Enjoy your patio all year round without losing the view with our unique frameless folding door systems. Call us today for a free inspection and quotation on 011 704 6691.

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