Frameless Showers

Every bathroom is unique as it has its own unique design, look and feel. It is for this reason that we custom make your frameless products to suit your specific requirements with:

Wide variety

A wide variety of shower enclosure configurations

Superior imported fittings

Superior imported fittings which are available in polished stainless steel or brass and have a 1-year guarantee.

Water-sealed doors.

Polycarbonate profiles used to water-seal the doors.

Antifungal silicone

Antifungal silicone used to seal all fixed panels.

Let us work hand in hand with you and create your dream bathroom today. Fill out the enquiry form below and we will get back to you to arrange a free assessment and quotation. Or call us now on 011 704 6691 and speak to one of our experienced staff about your specific requirements.


Framed shower doors are made of thinner glass and depend on the metal frame to strengthen the shower enclosure, while frameless shower enclosures are made of thicker, tempered and polished safety glass. The glass used in frameless showers is very strong and does not need a metal frame. Frameless shower doors are more stable while opening and closing, and of course, look more beautiful.

In terms of looks, frameless shower enclosures add a touch of class compared to other shower solutions. They also enhance the value of your home. Frameless shower doors are longer lasting than framed shower doors. Maintenance is easier with a frameless shower door as it can be quickly cleaned with a rubber squeegee to look as good as new.

We specialize in frameless glass products and can increase the aesthetics of your bathroom and living space. For complete remodeling, we can put you in touch with our trusted partners.

If the size required by you is already available with us, the entire process from order confirmation to installation can take ten days.  If custom doors and enclosures are required, it takes up to five weeks depending on the design and volume of the order. Actual installation, once the product is ready, can take anything from two hours to less than a day, depending on the size and number of enclosures.

The best way to keep your shower enclosures sparkling is to wipe it down with a squeegee each time you use it. This avoids water stains and damage from minerals in the water.

Pure solid glass is what you will see with Frameless’ glass products. We use top quality fittings to design your frameless glass enclosure, door, partition, or balustrade to ensure that it is aesthetic in appearance, while being safe, strong, and long lasting.

There is a standard height and width range, but our sales team will discuss your requirements to provide you with the best solution possible. Based on your specifications, we will decide the thickness of the glass, so that your enclosure is exactly what you are looking for.

We appreciate and encourage DIY-ers, but suggest that you use the services of our skilled installers. Frameless glass shower enclosures, doors, partitions, and balustrades require a certain amount of expertise. Even a tiny chip in the glass can result is major damage. We use polycarbonate profiles to water-seal the doors and seal fixed panels with antifungal sanitary ware silicone. We will deliver a precisely installed shower enclosure.

Frameless Showers offers an extensive selection of fittings and finishes. We invite you to discuss it with our sales team to choose the ones that best fit your needs.

Yes. All our products are covered by a one-year guarantee.

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